Plant and machinery finance

Specialist equipment such as plant and machinery can be essential business assets but are typically very expensive to buy. As a result, rather than purchasing outright, it’s becoming more popular for businesses to acquire machinery through asset finance. Luna Finance provide asset finance solutions for plant and machinery.

Machinery finance

Asset finance can allow you to have full use of a piece of machinery or equipment and pay for it on a monthly basis, rather than needing to provide all the funds at once.

In order to keep up with innovation and industry changes, machinery that businesses use need to be up-to-date. Likewise, it’s also essential that machines are safe and reliable for employees to use. Old and outdated machinery can often be considered high risk, as well as adding unnecessary costs and a reduction in productivity if it breaks down. As a result, machinery purchased outright can often quickly become obsolete and will need replacing to meet business demands.

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Finance benefits for plant and machinery:

  • Ensure your business is using the right equipment
  • Improved cash flow management compared to purchasing assets outright
  • Flexible finance solutions to suit your needs
  • Easy to upgrade equipment in the future
  • Full use of a high-value asset without the requirement of ownership
  • Low/no upfront costs

Affordable finance solutions

We source finance solutions that can be tailored to your individual business needs. What’s more, our team of experts can help select the right solution for you, whether this is on a hire or lease basis. Our panel of lenders can provide flexible finance solutions that can help you access the latest equipment in a more affordable way, rather than utilising all your business funds at once.

Plant and machinery we can finance:

  • Pressing machines
  • Plastic injection moulding
  • Extruding
  • Cutting machines
  • Drilling machines
  • Eroding machines
  • Grinders
  • Milling machines
  • Punch machines
  • Saws
  • Laser cutters
  • Woodworking
  • Wire working

Luna Finance can also source construction equipment financing.

If the equipment that you require does not appear on this list we can still help to provide an asset finance solution. Please contact a member of our team for more information.